Max, male in dispersion

W18-Max, a male captured in September 2007 in the midst of Hilda's pack was believed to be a member of the Snježnik pack. However, already within the first week he moved to the territory of the Suho pack and remained there for several weeks. After this, his signal was lost for a few weeks, and the data from his collar were received upon his return. During that time, he made three deep trips into Slovenia, far outside the territory of the Suho pack. Howling at that time proved that he was in the company of several other wolves from the Suho pack. It was concluded that this was his original pack, which he occasionally left to investigate neighbouring areas in preparation for dispersion. Max made large excursions in different directions. He was recorded in the territory of the Snježnik pack, within which 271 (8.6%) of his locations were positioned, and in the territory of a Slovenian pack, monitored via the female Tina by scientists from the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, where 164 (5.2%) of his locations were observed. In the territory of the Risnjak pack, 956 (30.5%) of his locations were recorded. This was also the last pack that this wolf visited, as from September 2008 he remained in this area. In comparing telemetric monitoring and trial howling, it became clear that Max was not avoiding the member of the other packs, instead, he was spending time with them. The size of the area covered by Max during 443 days of monitoring was 1153.8 km2, the largest area recorded to date for a wolf in Croatia or Slovenia. His movements covered the territories of four known and monitored packs in Croatia and Slovenia, while 112 of his locations were outside the borders of these four packs, located northeast in Slovenia, west of all monitored packs, and on the southern side of the motorway, which likely covers the territory of another wolf pack that is not monitored. Monitoring of Max ended in later 2008 when he was found dead.