Tornjak donations within the framework of the LIFE III project

Since 2003 the donations have continued within the framework of the LIFE III project entitled "Conservation and Management of Wolves in Croatia ". As a result of former experience a permanent control of donation beneficiaries was organized and carried out by regional project co-ordinators who in this manner help the livestock breeders use the dogs donated for the protection against wolves' attacks in the most efficient way. Besides, the interested livestock breeders have been given lectures about the way of keeping and training the shepherd dogs and conditions that have to be met. At each donation of dogs the livestock breeders are again provided with all necessary information in form of lectures and detailed written instructions about the training, nutrition, keeping and the obligatory medical treatment of dogs (vaccination, parasites elimination, etc.).

The counties Primorsko-goranska and Zadarska and the State Institute for Nature Protection joined the donation programme by allocating funds for the donation of 5 tornjak females so as to encourage the raising of this breed in areas inhabited by wolves and other large carnivores.
Early in 2004 a poll was conducted on a representative sample of beneficiaries of the first donations that showed that the majority of dogs had come into contact with a predator and had chased him away. Moreover, when flocks were guarded by dogs there was no or substantially less damage caused by wolves. The recent donations have yielded similar results to the satisfaction of the programme beneficiaries.
A total of 210 tornjak dogs have been donated since the beginning of the entire donation programme in 1997.