First tornjak donations

In 1997, with the view to help livestock breeders in term of reducing damage caused by wolves, the State Directorate for the Protection of Nature and Environment of that time, supported by the INA Petroleum Industry, started implementing the programme of donating tornjak dogs as Croatian autochthonous breed to interested livestock breeders suffering damage from wolves. The first results of the programme showed a positive effect of dogs and a great interest of livestock breeders. However, certain problems arose, because due to financial constraints there was no organized control of donation beneficiaries. These problems related mainly to the fact that not all livestock breeders knew how to handle the shepherd dogs. Therefore some of them ended as pets and other unfortunately as watchdogs kept on a chain. Some of them were even killed, mostly by poison and on roads. By the end of 2002 120 dogs were donated, primarily to livestock breeders in Dalmatia where the greatest damage to livestock had been recorded.