Revision of the Wolf Management Plan

Considering that the plan was conceived as a dynamic document that should be revised as required, the first revision was envisaged two years after the adoption of the Plan, and after this, as deemed necessary. Therefore, the process to revise the plan began in 2007, and the opinions and proposals of representatives of interest groups were collected at the workshops, held on 25 April 2007 in Šibenik and 12–13 February 2009 in Zagreb. At the workshops, the participants assessed the implementation of the plan to that point and proposed changes, after which the collection and compilation of new data relevant to the plan’s revision began.

Again this time, all workshop participants were aware that conserving the wolf is always a great challenge, however, with the drafting of the new plan, efforts continued to be invested in order to preserve this animal species in Croatia, and also in the European and global contexts. Evidence that the approach thus far has been on the right track was seen in the fact that the European Commission highlighted the process of drafting the Wolf Management Plan in the Republic of Croatia as an example of good practice in nature conservation in Europe.