The wolf management plan objective

The objective of the wolf management plan is to provide conditions for the survival of the population of this large carnivore in the long run and for its as harmonious coexistence with humans as possible.The planning of such activities implies the knowledge of biology, the dietary habits and wolf behaviour and identifies the number and spread of his population, the population of his natural prey, the quality of his habitats and the intensity of human impact.

When planning it is equally important to recognize problems and needs of the population inhabiting the wolf spread area, or rather opinions of all interest groups, people involved in nature conservation, foresters, scientists, non-governmental organizations and the general public. Only through co-operation and in agreement with all interest groups will it be possible to identify concrete activities required for the achievement of an effective conservation.

Viewing the fact that the Dinaride population of wolf is distributed over the territory of several countries, the wolf management in Croatia is to be planned in co-operation with the neighbouring countries - Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.