Abundance and population trends of wolf in Croatia in 2008

The data compiled and processed for 2008 show that the wolf population is stable, with 175 to 244 individuals, for an average of 209 individuals distributed in some fifty packs. The majority of individuals were estimated to inhabit the area of Lika-Senj County, with some 54 animals distributed in 11 packs. The same number of packs was also estimated for Split-Dalmatia County, though with a smaller average number of individuals, 38.5. During the assessment of wolf populations in Croatia in 2007, particular emphasis was placed on border area packs, which spend a part of the year in Croatia, and a part outside its borders. Therefore, the assessed size of the wolf population in 2008 should also consider the border area packs that Croatia shares with Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Oković and Štrbenac, 2008).
With regard to the wolf population trend, the trend is generally positive as assessed by experts of the Ministry of Culture for the areas of Karlovac, Sisak-Moslavina and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. However, experts from the Dalmatian counties claim that the trend is relatively unchanged, or even slightly dropping, as in certain areas there have been reduced damages incurred to livestock.

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