Use of green bridges

The systematic monitoring of wild animal crossings across the green bridges on the A1 motorway using photo-traps has been ongoing since 2008 by the company OIKON. Photo-traps capable of capturing both photographs and video have been used, which has enabled precise crossing counts of certain animal species that live in groups, such as the wolf. Crossing monitoring has been conducted at eight green bridges (Ivančevo brdo, Rasnica, Medina gora, Varošina, Osmakovac, Rošca, Konšćica and Vrankovića ograda), and wolf crossings have been recorded at seven green bridges, while no crossings were recorded at the Vrankovića ograda bridge. Systematic monitoring allowed for an analysis of frequency trends in wolf crossings over a period longer than five years.

At six of the seven green bridges where wolf crossings were recorded, a continuous decline in wolf crossings was observed in the period from 2008 to 2013. Based on these results, it can be assumed that this is due to a reduction in the overall wolf population in the Republic of Croatia.