Roads and large carnivores

Wolf (Canis lupus)

Large carnivores

Large carnivores, placed as a rule on the top of the ecological pyramids, need relatively large habitat areas for life. The size of the home range of only one pack of wolves in Croatia may be from 80 km 2 to 160 km²...

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Roads in wolf habitat


In the wolf habitat, there currently some 400 km of motorways in operation or under construction, from Karlovac to Rijeka and from Bosiljevo to Šestanovac (with planned extension to Dubrovnik).

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Green bridge

Green bridges

Considering that the motorways had to be constructed, it was necessary to ensure additional structures and adapt many of the existing structures that serve as crossing areas across the roads.

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Green bridge construction

Construction of green bridges

In the past decade, ten green bridges have been constructed in Croatia, intended primarily for the crossings of large carnivores.

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Wolf on green bridge

Use of green bridges

The systematic monitoring of wild animal crossings across the green bridges on the A1 motorway using photo-traps has been ongoing since 2008 by the company OIKON.

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