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2010 Status Report on the Wolf Population in Croatia

The 2010 Status Report gave an overview of the impacts of wolves on domesticated animals in 2009 and the first half of 2010.

Read more » | Written 16.09.2010.

Instructions for the procedure of assessing damage caused by a protected animal

Compensation for damages caused by wolves is prescribed under the Nature Protection Act and the Ordinance on the procedure for preventing and compensating for damages by animals that are strictly protected wild taxa.

Read more » | Written 14.05.2010.

Ordinance on the procedure to prevent and compensate damages caused by animals of strictly protected wild taxa

This Ordinance regulates the application of permitted activities and interventions and additional measures aimed at preventing damages...

Read more » | Written 12.03.2010.

Use of green bridges

The systematic monitoring of wild animal crossings across the green bridges on the A1 motorway using photo-traps has been ongoing since 2008 by the company OIKON.

Read more » | Written 05.03.2010.

Construction of green bridges

In the past decade, ten green bridges have been constructed in Croatia, intended primarily for the crossings of large carnivores.

Read more » | Written 05.03.2010.

How can you take part in wolf conservation in Croatia?

We need your cooperation to help conserve the wolf in Croatia. Below are a number of concrete recommendations on how you can join us and help to conserve our nation's national resources...

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

Difference in opinions

Significant differences in opinions were recorded among the four surveyed groups – urban population from Zagreb, and rural populations from Gorski Kotar, Lika and Dalmatia.

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

A human dimension in wildlife management

The management of populations of large carnivores, such as the wolf, is often of socio-economic rather than biological nature. For a successful wolf management in Croatia it is necessary to understand people inhabiting areas that are at the same time wolf habitats...

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

Donations of electric fences following the completion of the project

Even after the close of the project, the Institute continued to conduct donations of electric fences that are also an effective means of protecting livestock.

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

Donations of electric fences as part of the LIFE III project

During the project, a total of 50 electric fences were donated...

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

Donation of Tornjak dogs upon completion of the project

Following completion of the project, donations of Tornjak dogs continued with Primorje-Gorski Kotar County and Zadar County allocating funds for this purpose.

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

Tornjak donations within the framework of the LIFE III project

Since 2003 the donations have continued within the framework of the LIFE III project entitled "Conservation and Management of Wolves in Croatia ". As a result of former experience a permanent control of donation beneficiaries was organized...

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

First tornjak donations

In 1997, with the view to help livestock breeders in term of reducing damage caused by wolves, the State Directorate for the Protection of Nature and Environment of that time, supported by the INA Petroleum Industry...

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

Revision of the Wolf Management Plan

Considering that the plan was conceived as a dynamic document that should be revised as required, the first revision was envisaged two years after the adoption of the Plan, and after this, as deemed necessary.

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

Interim Plan for Wolf Management in Croatia

The members of the Committee for Monitoring the Large Carnivore Populations as an export group of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Physical Planning prepared an Interim Plan for Wolf Management in Croatia covering...

Read more » | Written 26.02.2010.

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