Research and monitoring

Radio-collared wolf  Hilda


A female named W5-Hilda, aged 3 years and weighing 24 kg, was captured on 2 July 2002 under the Šija hill in Gorski Kotar.

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Radio-collared wolf Ines


On 21 June 2002, a female named W4-Ines was captured at the base of the Guslice hill in Gorski Kotar.

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Radio-collared wolf Berni


The wolf W3-Berni, was captured and fitted with a radio collar near Vučji Stina, Uble in Dalmatia on 28 October 2000.

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Radio-collared wolf Anja


The female named W2-Anja from Dalmatia , 4 years old, 25 kg, captured on 23.08.1999 and radio-collared for the purpose of the telemetric study. The female W2-Anja was a reproductive female from the Vučevica pack...

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Radio-collared wolf Pepa


The first telemetrically monitored wolf in Croatia was the female W1-Pepa that was captured and collared near Mačkovec in Dalmatia on 30 October 1998.

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Radio-collared wolf Rina

Risnjak pack

The Risnjak pack spends the majority of the time in the area between Crni Lug, Delnice and Lokva, but also appears on the other side of Mt. Risnjak – the Lazac meadow, Vilje, Suha Rečine and Gornje Jelenje.

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Radio-collared wolf Sara

Snježnik pack

The Snježnik pack remains on the northwestern side of the local road, above the settlements of Gerovo - Tršće - Prezid.

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Radio-collared wolf Tvigi

Suho pack

The Suho pack has been monitored since 2006, when two young wolves were collared.

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Radio-collared wolf Tara

Krasno (Jelovac) pack

Monitoring of the Jelovac pack, which was later renamed the Krasno pack, began in August 2003 when wolf research began in the Lika region.

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Radio-collared wolf Matan

Packs in Dalmatia

From 1998 to 2000, three wolves from two neighbouring packs, Opor and Vučevica, from the area inland of Kaštela, were telemetrically monitored in the Dalmatia area.

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She-wolf Mila

Mila, a female in dispersion

The female W9-Mila was the fifth wolf to be collared for telemetric monitoring, in September 2004 in the Gorski Kotar region.

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Wolf  Max

Max, male in dispersion

W18-Max, a male captured in September 2007 in the midst of Hilda's pack was believed to be a member of the Snježnik pack.

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Gorski kotar - wolf habitat

Gorski kotar

The mountainous areas of Croatia, thanks to the favourable habitat conditions, has been and remains the core area where wolves have succeeded in surviving and, with improved conditions, expanding into neighbouring areas.

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In August 2003, research began in the Lika region. Research was directed at the areas of Kuterevo, Krasno and Kosinj, i.e. on the northern slopes of Mt. Velebit.

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Dalmatia - wolf habitat


Following the protection of the wolf in 1995 and the start of planned compensation payments for damages caused to livestock by wolves, the largest number of claims originated from the Dalmatinska Zagora region.

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