In August 2003, research began in the Lika region. Research was directed at the areas of Kuterevo, Krasno and Kosinj, i.e. on the northern slopes of Mt. Velebit. At the end of 2003, a young female Jelica was captured and fitted with a collar for satellite monitoring. Jelica is also the first wolf in Croatia to be monitored by satellite, and the pack she belongs to was called Jelovac.


Wolf capture activities in the northern Velebit area commenced in summer 2007. Another young female was caught and collared at the end of August 2007 by Vedran Slijepčević, and she was called W17-Tara. In the first ten days of monitoring, she remained in the area of Senjski bil, and likely belonged to the Jelovac pack, named after the wolf Jelica in 2003. The pack was later renamed Krasno.


After two years, during spring 2009, the wolf Tara's collar ceased to function. At that time, Dr. Josip Kusak, assistant professor at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in cooperation with the Northern Velebit National Park and Velebit Nature Park, conducted activities to capture and collar wolves from the Krasno pack on Mt. Velebit. On 31 August 2009, the young female W24-Ira, a pup from the 2009 litter, was fitted with a small VHF-collar. Wolf capture activities continued, with the aim of fitting an adult wolf from that pack with a GPS-GSM collar.
In the Lika region, more precisely Mt. Velebit, a total of three wolves (Jelica, Tara and Ira) were collared and monitored telemetrically by the end of 2009.


In order to find signs of wolf presence, a total area of 64.5 km² was searched in the Mt. Velebit area in 2010, and one wolf was captured. This was a young female caught on 25 October 2010, but unfortunately, she sustained severe injuries to her leg, and was transferred to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine where she was euthanized. At the start of the winter 2009/2010, there were a minimum of eight wolves in the Krasno pack, including the collared Ira.
On 13 July 2011, scientist Goran Gužvica (OIKON) succeeded in collaring a female wolf Manda, aged 3.5 years, in the Vreban hunting ground between Gospić and Udbina. Her collar was found hanging from a tree near Pavlovec Vrebački at the end of September 2011 in damaged condition (with a hole). The collar was found by shepherds who, believing it belonged to a hunting dog contacted the hunting ground manager Milan Zalović. He found the collar in the reported position and kindly returned it. This finding clearly indicates that the wolf was illegally killed, and this was considered in the wolf mortality figures for 2011/2012.