The ninth collar wolf is a female that was captured on 11 September 2004, at an age of 2.5 years and weighing 25 kg. She was named W9-Mila and was the first wolf in Croatia to be fitted with a GPS-GSM collar that collected data 24-hours a day for one year. The first monitoring results in the area of western Gorski Kotar indicated that she was a member of the Platak pack. Later, it was shown that Mila was not a member of any pack at this stage of her life, but that she was alone, in search of a life partner and territory. From the time she was collared to the end of 2004, she covered an area of 940 km², which is 8 times larger than the known territory size of wolves in Croatia. She passed through the territories of several packs, despite the danger of being discovered and killed by them. The likelihood of her demise is significantly greater than the likelihood that she will establish her own pack.