On November 25, a young female (W7, Jelica), seven months old, was captured in the territory of Jelovac above Krasno. It received a collar which enables satellite tracking of the animal. It was the first wolf in Croatia tracked by satellite technology.

The female was in good health and weighed good 18 kilos. Upon releasing the collared female, the subsequent intensive monitoring confirmed that she had joined the pack on the fourth day after release. It was confirmed that the pack to which the collared female belonged had been moving in the range of 156 km² during that period.

After that, the female was monitored by the method of classical telemetry, and fourteen more positions located within the formerly confirmed territory of this pack\'s movement were recorded. From 21 March 2004, the VHS component of the collar stopped working, so any kind of further tracking was disabled. Hunters spotted Jelica in the same area in November 2004. (Author: dr.sc. Goran Gužvica, OIKON)