A female named W5-Hilda, aged 3 years and weighing 24 kg, was captured on 2 July 2002 under the Šija hill in Gorski Kotar. Her pack was named the Risnjak pack. During spring 2003, Hilda left her parental pack and joined the remaining members of the Snježnik pack. In 2004, this pair of wolves had a litter, including later captured W8-Felix. After two additional members of the Snježnik pack were captured (W12-Sara and W13-Kyra), it was learned that Hilda, as one of the parents, spent most of her time searching for food, or at the site where the young pups were. Hilda is also the direct descendent of the later captured and telemetrically monitored reproductive female (alpha-female) of the Risnjak pack, W10-Tanja. Hilda was also monitored during 2009, making her the wolf longest tracked in Croatia.