On 21 May 2009, Dr. Josip Kusak of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, captured and collared a wolf from the Snježnik pack in the area of Vršica, between Crni Lug and Gerovo in Gorski Kotar. This male was called W21-Luka, aged 3 years and weighing 38 kg. Two days after being collared, he joined the Snježnik pack, which was confirmed by the signal from his collar. Unfortunately, just one month later, his collar began to emit a recovery signal, indicating that the battery in the collar was dead and that no further receipt of data would be possible. Monitoring of this wolf continued only using classical VHF triangulation.

Unfortunately, though he spent the entire time of telemetric monitoring in Croatian territory, wolf W21-Luka, together with his brother W22-Drago, was shot as part of legal culling of the wolf population in Slovenia on 25 February 2010, just days after crossing the border for the first time.