The female W20-Tvigi was captured and collared on 24 September 2008 in the area of the Suho pack, near the Pomočnjak park of Gorski Kotar. She was 6 months old and weighed 18 kg, and was fitted with a GPS-GSM collar. Trial howling the very next day confirmed that Tvigi was a member of the Suho pack, and that the data from her collar showed the movements of the entire pack. In the first 109 days of monitoring W20-Tvigi and the Suho pack during autumn and winter 2008/2009, a total of 339 locations were recorded in an area of 210.4 km2. The small territory is the result of a short monitoring period, and not the use of the VHF collar. In January 2009, the Suho pack consisted of five wolves including the female Tvigi.