On 12 September 2007, a large male named W18-Max was captured at Pogorelo Vrh in Gorski Kotar. Max was established to be three years old, and weighed 36 kg, and he was fitted with a GPS-UHF-VHF collar. Considering that he was captured in the midst of Hilda's pack, it was believed that he was a member of the Snježnik pack. However, already in the first week, he moved to the territory of the Suho pack, where he remained for several weeks. His signal was then lost for several weeks, and the data were uploaded once the signal was found. During that time, he made three entries deep into Slovenia, far outside the territory of the Suho pack. Howling confirmed that he was in the company of several other wolves from the Suho pack. It was concluded that Suho was his original pack, but that he occasionally left the pack to investigate other areas in preparation for dispersion.
Comparative telemetric monitoring and howling trials led to the conclusion that Max did not avoid the members of other packs, instead that he spent time with them. The size of the area covered by Max over 443 days was 1153.8 km2, the largest area recorded for a wolf in Croatia/Slovenia. His movements covered the territories of four known and monitored packs in Croatia and Slovenia, and 112 locations recorded were outside the borders of those four packs, situated in northeastern Slovenia, and west of all monitored packs, and on the south side of the motorway, which likely included the territory of other wolf packs that are not monitored.

The story of the wolf Max ended suddenly on 11 December 2008 when he was found dead at the top of the Jezerina hill, near Mrzle Vodice, in the midst of the territory of the Risnjak pack, after his collar began emitting a mortality signal. Pathology analysis indicated that Max had perished from a severe infection of his rear right leg.