On 16 August 2007, Vedran Slijepčević captured a young female wolf, aged 2.5 years and weighing 29 kg, at Senjski Bil near Stolac on Mt. Velebit. She was named W17-Tara and was fitted with a GPS-UHF-VHF collar. She was of large build but with little mass, and she appeared tall and thin, and she was likely the runt of the pack. At the site of capture there were tracks of another wolf, and it is believed that she was with that wolf when she was caught. The monitoring results in the first week after collaring showed that she had covered 10 km of ground (as the crow flies) in just 6 hours, indicating exceptional activity. Tara's collar functioned well and gave interesting results, which could provide more information about the movements and activities of wolves in this previously uninvestigated part of Croatia.

During spring 2009, Tara's collar ceased emitting a signal after two years of operation.