A second young female, a member of the Snježnik pack, was captured on 14 September 2005 on Goreći Vrh above Smrekova Draga in Gorski Kotar. She was named W13-Kyra and she was a pup from Hilda's litter of that year and weighed 15.5 kg. Kyra was fitted with a GPS-VHF collar previously worn by the female Eva in Dalmatia. The newly collared pup joined the members of the pack three days after being collared, while the female Hilda was about 10 km northwards, near the border with Slovenia. Until the end of the summer, Kyra spent the majority of time in one place, waiting for Hilda to return. However, it was also recorded that such a young pup, just 6 months old, could cover 10 km (as the crow flies) in a single night. The data from Kyra's collar were last received by radiolink (UHF) on 12 December 2005. During a flyover in early February 2006, the signal from her collar was on alarm (mortality) and originated from the direction of the Dimovac hill, near Zamosta and Osilnice on the Slovenian side. Frequent subsequent searches for the collar were unsuccessful. It is possible that the collar ceased to function before its expected duration, or the wolf was killed and the collar destroyed.