A new wolf from the Snježnik pack was collared in summer 2005, near the Veliki Tisovac hill in Gorski Kotar. On 26 August 2005, the female W12-Sara was captured, aged 2.5 years and weighing 27 kg, and she was fitted with a GPS-GSM collar. She spent little time at the end of that summer with the remainder of the pack. She often wandered off, alone or in the company of one or two other young wolves, to the edges of the pack territory and at the forest edge and near settlements, where there are more deer and introduced mouflon, which are relatively easy prey for wolves. At the beginning of October, Sara joined the pack and since then has regularly remained with the pack.

On 11 September 2006, near Lisine, a wolf was captured wearing a non-functional collar. This was Sara, whose signal had stopped emitted on 15 June 2006 and it was feared that she had been killed. Sara was 1 kg heavier than the year before. She was fitted with a new collar, this time for satellite monitoring (GPS-UHF-VHF). After her release, she returned to the Snježnik pack, and she continued to spend most of her time with female Hilda. Based on the frequencies of howlings, it was confirmed that the Snježnik pack had a litter in 2006, though the number of pups could not be determined.