Monitoring of radio-collared wolves

Radio-collared wolf Grga


The young male Grga from the Suho pack was captured on 30 October 2006 in the Kiršina draga valley in Gorski Kotar and he was fitted with a satellite tracking collar that sends signals via text message (GPS-GSM-VHF).

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Radio-collared wolf Noah


The young male W14-Noah, from this year's litter and weighing 18 kg, was captured in the Ričica Valley, near the Suho hunting lodge (Smrekova Draga hunting ground at Gumance) on 28 August 2006.

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Radio-collared wolf Kyra


A second young female, a member of the Snježnik pack, was captured on 14 September 2005 on Goreći Vrh above Smrekova Draga in Gorski Kotar.

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Radio-collared wolf Sara


A new wolf from the Snježnik pack was collared in summer 2005, near the Veliki Tisovac hill in Gorski Kotar.

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Radio-collared wolf Eva


23. February 2005. Adam Baković from the Sebišine hamlet not far from the Runović village in Imotski found a she-wolf entangled in a trap set for wild boars, although strictly forbidden by the law. A steel noose was tightened around her waist...

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Radio-collared wolf Tanja


A female aged 5-6 years and weighing 28 kg was captured and collared near the Šija hill in Gorski Kotar on 17 September 2004.

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Radio-collared wolf Mila


The ninth collar wolf is a female that was captured on 11 September 2004, at an age of 2.5 years and weighing 25 kg.

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Radio-collared wolf Felix


The young male W8-Felix, a pup of Hilda's, was captured and collared on 25 August 2004 near Pogoreli Vrh in Gorski Kotar.

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Radio-collared wolf Jelica


On November 25, a young female (W7, Jelica), seven months old, was captured in the territory of Jelovac above Krasno. It received a collar which enables satellite tracking of the animal. It was the first wolf in Croatia tracked by satellite technology...

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Radio-collared wolf Blaža


At the time of capture on 23 October 2002, W6-Blaža was a 7 month old pup, weighing 20 kg.

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Radio-collared wolf  Hilda


A female named W5-Hilda, aged 3 years and weighing 24 kg, was captured on 2 July 2002 under the Šija hill in Gorski Kotar.

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Radio-collared wolf Ines


On 21 June 2002, a female named W4-Ines was captured at the base of the Guslice hill in Gorski Kotar.

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Radio-collared wolf Berni


The wolf W3-Berni, was captured and fitted with a radio collar near Vučji Stina, Uble in Dalmatia on 28 October 2000.

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Radio-collared wolf Anja


The female named W2-Anja from Dalmatia , 4 years old, 25 kg, captured on 23.08.1999 and radio-collared for the purpose of the telemetric study. The female W2-Anja was a reproductive female from the Vučevica pack...

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Radio-collared wolf Pepa


The first telemetrically monitored wolf in Croatia was the female W1-Pepa that was captured and collared near Mačkovec in Dalmatia on 30 October 1998.

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