Research and wolf monitoring in the period 2005–2009

In the five-year period from early 2005 to the end of 2009, 14 wolves in Croatia were monitored telemetrically. As in the previous period, the majority of collared wolves were tracked in Gorski Kotar. In that area, scientists from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine collared 10 wolves. Two wolves each were collared in the areas of Mt. Velebit and Dalmatia (one wolf collared by scientists from OIKON). The most intensive research by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine continued to take place in Gorski Kotar, while other areas were less covered.
The wolves captured and collared were named as follows: W11-Eva, W12-Sara, W13-Chiara, W14-Noah, W15-Grga, W17-Tara, W18-Max, W19-Rina, W20-Tvigi, W21-Luka, W22-Drago, W23-Taša, W24-Ira and Matan (OIKON).