Research and wolf monitoring in the period 1998–2004

In the period from 1998 to 2004, a total of 10 wolves were collared in Croatia. Of these, six wolves were collared in the Gorski Kotar area, and three in Dalmatia (by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) and only one in the Mt. Velebit area (OIKON). The first 10 collared wolves were called: W1-Pepa, W2-Anja, W3-Berni, W4-Ines, W5-Hilda, W6-Blaža, W7-Jelica, W8-Felix, W9-Mila and W10-Tanja. Though telemetric monitoring started in the Dalmatia region, over the years, the research was mostly shifted to the Gorski Kotar area. On the basis of the data collected through telemetric monitoring of the collared individuals, new knowledge was obtained about their life, movements and use of space.