Ordinance on wild animal crossings

The Ordinance on wild animal crossings was adopted in January 2007 and laid down the measures of protection, determines obliged parties and the manner of maintaining wild animal crossings over public roads, other routes or structures that pass over known migration paths of wild animals. Crossings allow for animals to cross the road safely.

Category I crossings are crossings for small wild animals, and are up to 20 m in width. There are also crossings for all wild animals that are up to 600 m in width, and specific (intended) constructed crossings (green bridges, viaducts, tunnels) that are protected as natural values. All human activities (hunting, economic, recreational, etc.) that temporarily or permanently alter the intended use of the crossings are prohibited.

Category II crossings are existing structures wider than 600 m and which can serve as a crossing area for all wild animals. All human activities with a permanent impact on the functionality of the crossing are prohibited. These crossings are marked with notification signs that must abide by separate regulations.

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