Ordinance on the proclamation of protected and strictly protected wild taxa

One of the implementing acts adopted pursuant to the Act is the Ordinance on the proclamation of protected and strictly protected wild taxa (OG 7/06 and 99/09), pursuant to which the wolf (Canis lupus) is a strictly protected species in the Republic of Croatia. This Ordinance proclaims wild taxa as protected or strictly protected based on the Red Lists of threatened species of animals, plants and mushrooms of the Republic of Croatia, expert assessments by the State Institute for Nature Protection, and the commitments undertaken in international agreements.

The Act prescribes that strictly protected wild taxa may not be exploited in any way (captured, kept, killed, etc.) or disturbed, with the exceptions for specific purposes stipulated by the Act (research, education, repopulation, reintroduction, etc.), with the consent issued by the Directorate for Nature Protection of the Ministry of Culture. Protected wild taxa are permitted to be exploited in ways such that their populations at the national or local level are not jeopardised. Such a manner of protection is in accordance with the Bern Convention and with the regulations of the European Union (Habitats Directive, Birds Directive). The unintentional capture and/or killing of strictly protected animals is reported to the competent office of the Ministry of Culture, Directorate for Nature Protection. The Ministry keeps records on unintentionally captured and/or killed strictly protected animals, and decides on protection measures in order to prevent the negative impacts on individual species.

To conduct research on strictly protected taxa, a permit is required from the competent minister in the manner stipulated by the Act.

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