Ordinance on crossborder trade and trade in protected species

The Ordinance on crossborder trade and trade in protected species governs the procedures and conditions for the issuance of authorisation for the entry, exit, import or export of wild taxa, the manner of marking live animals and consignments, manner of conducting supervision and keeping records, and conditions of trade and breeding. The provisions of this Ordinance apply to live animals and the parts and derivatives of wild taxa listed in the appendices to the Ordinance. The wolf (Canis lupus) is listed in Appendix I of the Ordinance, meaning that this species may not be imported, exported or re-exported for commercial purposes, but only for the purposes of research, education, breeding or reproduction if the same is conducted with the aim of conservation of the species. Trade is prohibited (purchase and sale, acquiring for commercial purposes, public exhibition for obtaining profit, use for the purpose of obtaining profit, keeping for sale, offer for sale or transport for sale, and rental and exchange) for individuals of this species, both for live or dead specimens, and their parts or derivatives.

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