European Union legislation on the conservation of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade

Council Regulation (EC) No 338/97 of 9 December 1996 on the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein regulates the trade of protected animal and plant species in the European Union, and forms the legal foundation for implementation of the CITES convention in the European Union. The wolf is even more strictly protected in this Regulation than by the CITES convention, and all populations, with a few exceptions, are listed in Appendix A of that Regulation, which includes the most endangered, extinct or rare species, and any level of international trade would threaten their survival.

The European Parliament approved the Resolution (Doc. A2-0377/88, Ser. A) of 24 January 1989 which invites all European Member States to take prompt action to conserve the wolf, and adopted the Declaration on the protection of wolves, inviting the European Commission to give its support to wolf protection.

The Republic of Croatia has committed to taking all appropriate and necessary legal and administrative measures at both the national and international levels, so as to ensure protection of the wolf and its natural habitat, i.e. to ensure a stable population that also serves as a genetic reservoir and potential source for transferring this species into other European countries where it has since disappeared.

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