Institutional strengthening

During the implementation of the project, two regional offices were established: one in Gospić for the Lika and Gorski Kotar region, and the second in Šibenik for the Dalmatia region. The offices are led by regional coordinators. The establishment of the regional offices has brought the local community closer to the decision-makers regarding wolf protection, thus allowing their more active inclusion and resolution of these issues. The project also envisaged the donation of a certain number of Tornjak shepherd dogs and the installation of electric fences as wolf protection measures, and therefore, one of the tasks of the office was to maintain communications with all those interested in such assistance. Upon completion of the project activities, the regional office in Gospić was closed for a certain time.

The increasing number of assessors for damages caused by wolves and the organisation of seminars for their expert training was a project task aimed at improving the existing compensation system and ensuring timely assessments.