Why the project for wolf conservation and management?

The wolf is the most peculiar carnivore of Europe and as a leading predator he is an important segment of biological diversity. Due to his way of life, especially his dietary basis, the wolf has always been the man's direct competitor.
A further contribution to the negative attitude towards wolves comes from prejudices arising from the ignorance of this species' biology.
For that reason the wolf is presently exterminated in the greatest part of Europe and the presence of his threatened species testifies to the value and level of conservation of biological diversity of the respective country
Croatia is inhabited by a part of the westernmost stable wolf population in Europe, which is all the more reason to highlight conservation and management of wolves as one of the priority action plans under the National Strategy and Action Plan for the Protection of Biological and Landscape Diversity (NSAP) as a basic nature protection document.
The conservation of wolves as a natural value despite all the above factors that show the complexity of this problem area is undoubtedly one of the major challenges of nature conservation. The LIFE-III project "Conservation and Management of Wolves in Croatia" is expected to make a considerable contribution to resolution of this issue.