1 April 2011 – State Institute for Nature Protection donated five electric fences

The State Institute for Nature Protection donated five electric fences for the protection of livestock from wolf attacks to livestock owners in the area of the Posedarje municipality in Zadar County. The funds for the procurement of fences were earmarked at the end of 2010 by the Nature Protection Directorate of the Ministry of Culture, due to substantial increases in damages by wolves in that area. The donation was attended by Director Davorin Marković, Section Head Jasna Jeremić and expert associate Nikica Skoza of the State Institute for Nature Protection, in addition to senior expert advisor of the Nature Protection Directorate Lucija Urli, deputy head of the municipality Slavko Brkljača, reporter from the daily Zadarski list Velimir Brkić, the five livestock owners receiving the donations and the staff of the company Gumex-Eko, who demonstrated how to install the fences and instructed the livestock owners on their use.

On that occasion, well known photographer and film-maker Boris Krstinić filmed the installation of the fences. Krstinić is working with the State Institute for Nature Protection to create a documentary on wolves in Croatia. After installation of the fences, the group paid a visit to two farms which had previously received donations of Tornjak shepherd dogs to protect flocks, and these dogs were filmed while at work with the sheep. It is important to note that the farm owners had followed all the instructions they had received on raising and working with the Tornjak dogs, that they had proven to be good masters, and that they were exceptionally satisfied with the effectiveness of the Tornjak dogs, with no damages incurred to their flocks since the introduction of the dogs to the farm.