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7 March 2011 – Collared female wolf W20-Tvigi perished from impact with a vehicle near Ljubljanski Vrh in Slovenia

The female wolf W20-Tvigi was fitted with a telemetric collar on 25 September 2008 as a pup in the Suho pack, and she was monitored for 199 days, when her collar ceased to function.

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February 2011 – Workshop to develop the draft Wolf Management Plan in Slovenia, as part of the LIFE + project SloWolf

In 2010, the Department of Biology, Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Ljubljana began implementation of the LIFE+ project SloWolf.

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21 December 2010 – Donation of Tornjak shepherd dogs to livestock owners in Dalmatinska Zagora

On 21 December 2010, three Tornjak pups were donated to livestock owners from the settlements of Slivnica Gornja, Podgradina and Posedarje in the Posedarje municipality.

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New publications on large carnivores by the State Institute for Nature Protection

At the end of 2010, the State Institute for Nature Protection printed several publications on the topic of large carnivores.

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Vidi Web Top 100

The Institute website “Protection and Management of Wolves in Croatia” proclaimed one of Croatia\'s top 100 websites

The 12th annual Vidi Awards ceremony was held yesterday, organised by the VIDI media company.

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