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Large carnivores

Large carnivores, placed as a rule on the top of the ecological pyramids, need relatively large habitat areas for life. The size of the home range of only one pack of wolves in Croatia may be from 80 km 2 to 160 km².
In Scandinavia , where habitats are poorer, the home range size may even exceed 1,000 km². Neither a wolf nor just a few packs of wolves should be isolated from other packs. Otherwise this would result in the interruption of the gene flow, in mating of relatives and, consequently, in the reduction of the diversity of the segment of population isolated in this way, making it more vulnerable to habitat changes.

The presence of carnivores in a habitat is the indication of its level of preservation. If we manage to preserve carnivores, it means that we have also managed to preserve its habitat including the entirety of the plant and animal life that it supports.