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Green bridges

Considering that the motorways had to be constructed, it was necessary to ensure additional structures and adapt many of the existing structures that serve as crossing areas across the roads. This has served to reduce the negative impacts on wolves and other wild animals. These “green bridges” are specialised structures that enable the safe and unhindered passage of animals across the motorways. These are artificial tunnels with earthen floors that turn green, so as to better fit into the natural habitat of these animals.

In addition to the “green bridges” constructed for the purpose of safe passage of animals across the roads, the remaining tunnels and viaducts are also very important. Many viaducts and bridges have been built and extended so as to ensure greater penetrability for wild animals. Each of these structures must provide animals the ability to safely cross from one side to the other, and therefore, these crossings must be large enough and must fit into the natural habitat.

At the end of 2008, wild animal crossings received signage on the roads themselves, while in 2009, the graphic identity of the signage for wild animal crossings was designed. These signs are installed on the crossing or at a distance of 300 m from the crossing. These signs serve as a warning that all human activities (hunting, commercial, recreational, etc.) that temporarily or permanently alter the intended use of the cross are prohibited on green bridges.