A human dimension in wildlife management

The management of populations of large carnivores, such as the wolf, is often of socio-economic rather than biological nature. For a successful wolf management in Croatia it is necessary to understand people inhabiting areas that are at the same time wolf habitats.
Only after we have recognized interests and problems of all interest groups and the public, an efficient wolf management can take place. Such a management will be a reflection of understanding and efforts of all interested citizens.
This problem area is addressed by a field of science called \"a human dimension in wildlife management\". The first research of this type in Croatia was carried out precisely on the issue of wolf management during 1999 and 2000 and the research results are available on Internet.
Since public viewpoints are highly dynamic, such research work is to be repeated. For that reason another research started within the project \"Conservation and Management of Wolves in Croatia\" so as to record what the inhabitants of Croatia think about wolves and their management in Croatia.

At the same time the preparation of the wolf management plan started, with the aim to ensure a direct participation of all interested parties. The representatives of various interest groups and the competent Ministry come together and co-operate in the preparation of the management plan, with the main objective to provide conditions for the survival of the wolf population in Croatia with as few conflicts with people as possible. Joint efforts yielded fruit and on 7 December 2004 the competent Ministry of Culture adopted the Wolf Management Plan for Croatia as an official document. The Plan is still being implemented and its implementation includes a number of institutions and associations.

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