How can you take part in wolf conservation in Croatia?

We need your cooperation to help conserve the wolf in Croatia. Below are a number of concrete recommendations on how you can join us and help to conserve our nation's national resources:

• If you have any information about a dead wolf, contact the authorised expert for the assessment of damages by protected large carnivores (wolf and lynx);
• If you have information about a wolf that is being illegally held in captivity, contact the nature protection inspection service;
• If you have information about traps set by poachers or about poaching in general, contact the hunting inspection service;
• In the case of damages to livestock, immediately contact the authorised expert for your area;
• If you have livestock and live in the distribution area of the wolf, improve the protection of your livestock!
• If you wish to participate in the Tornjak dog and electric fence donation programmes or wish to independently obtain a dog or electric fence, contact our regional office;
• Illegal deposits of slaughter waste can be a source of dangerous infectious diseases for humans and animals. If you have any information about this, immediately contact the regional environmental protection inspection service;
• Contact us and we will be happy to come to your town or school to hold a lecture on the wolf and other large carnivores, set up an educative exhibit and share informative materials;
• We are working to develop eco-tourism that is based on the presence of large carnivores in Croatia. Follow our work and get involved!
• Find out more about the wolf and the activities for its conservation, and share your new knowledge with others.

We look forward to receiving your questions and information!

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