Why tornjak dogs of all the dogs?

Tornjak dogs are sturdy, about seventy centimetres tall, very resilient, seemingly indifferent, but actually very strong-willed dogs. They have long, luxuriant and colourful hairs, especially on the neck, tail and \"pants\". Well-bred and well-cared-for specimens regularly achieve very good results in the protection of cattle against wolves and other large carnivores.

The ancestors of Croatian tornjak dogs have been bred for guarding the cattle in these areas for centuries. They are better adapted to natural conditions in these regions than any other shepherd dog and are especially inclined to living with the flock.
Our present tornjak dogs should be even more efficient than their ancestors.
The current breeding is targeted and selective, and they can be offered much better conditions for development than by former breeders and users.

Tornjak dogs will fully develop their inherent shepherd features only if from their early age they permanently live with those types of domestic animals that they will have to protect when full-grown.