What is expected from a good tornjak dog?

Can a tornjak dog beat a wolf? He can almost always, but many people are disappointed, because the defeat of wolves is almost never a consequence of a direct fight. The fight will occur only if all other tornjak dog\'s defensive actions fail. It is precisely for this reason that more mature dogs will sometimes retreat from the flock and the pen. Searching and marking the surrounding area is one of their basic tasks. The greater the possibility of an attack, the more they examine and leave their signs. Roving is something quite different. It is most often a sign of a poor nutrition or a mating call. The cause is to be identified and eliminated by each shepherd himself.
If tornjak dogs feel danger, they will growl, bristle up, agitatedly sniff around, urinate unceasingly by a stone or a bush and scratch the soil.

If the wolves evaluate the defence of the flock to be sufficiently resolute and strong, they will disappear as if they had never been there. In such cases inappropriately aggressive, inexperienced and hasty dogs will rush headlong into attack, but this will most often be for the first and last time.
In such cases young dogs must be restrained. Experienced, good tornjak dogs choose the most adequate way to achieve their objective. They are characterized more by their shrewdness and prudence than sharpness.