How to breed and use a working tornjak dog?

For a tornjak dog to serve his functions successfully, his breeding must begin at the age between 7 weeks and 3 months, as close as possible to the surroundings in which he will be used. For tornjak dog\'s training it is, therefore, highly important that he lives freely beside the cattle, especially when it moves round in the open.

A dog bred on a chain, in a cage or as a pet is useless for the protection of flocks.

A dog can only be chained when the flock is closed or if necessary for a short period of time. A tornjak dog must never be closed with the cattle in a cramped stable or a pen. He must not be present at bringing forth kids or lambs, and must not come into conflict with a ram or billy-goat, because he can seriously injure or kill him.

Tornjak dogs may fulfil their function successfully when they get to be one year old and their full maturity is reached at the age of 2.5 years. The working life of a tornjak dog is more than 10 years.