Why donations?

The protection of large carnivores is one of the most complex nature protection issues. Large carnivores feed, namely, on animals, which are at the same time the subject of economic exploitation by people for food, hunting, etc. Livestock is one of the sources of food, especially if not guarded. This makes the damage caused to livestock one of the key issues with an adverse impact on the protection of large carnivores.

In tackling the problems of damage caused by wolves, a controlled supervision of livestock has proved to be one of the basic ways to prevent or minimize that damage. From ancient times the use of shepherd dogs has been common practice in Croatia \'s livestock breeding areas, but unfortunately disappeared during the time. It is at the same time environmentally the friendliest form of livestock protection, returning the breed to the area of origin and to the original use.

The use of electric fences is not a common way of keeping livestock in the country\'s livestock breeding regions, but found only sporadically, primarily in areas where allowed by the land configuration.

The needs for tornjak dogs and fences exceed by far the donation programme, but the purpose of the programme is to encourage livestock breeders in areas inhabited by large carnivores, and especially by wolves, to guard their livestock. The field data show, namely, very clearly that there is less or no damage at all, if the livestock is guarded. After all, the wolf always attacks easily accessible animals, so he will preferably attack those not guarded.