Outer appearance

The grey wolf is the largest member of the dog family. The largest wolves live in the north (average weight = 41 kg - Alaska, Northwest Territory, Mech, 1970), whereas the representatives of more southern populations (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan) are half that size (Kumar, 1998). A full-grown wolf from the area of Croatia weighs 31 kg on average (Kusak, unpublished). From the top of the nose to the top of the tail wolves are 170 cm long on average (tail = 42 cm), with an average height of 70 cm measured on the ridge. The colour of the wolf\'s fur depends on the share of black, grey and brown covering hair.

In Croatia wolves are always grey; the back and the tail have dark-grey colour turning into light-grey towards the belly and the legs. On the front side of the forearm there is usually a dark stripe, although certain specimens were found to have none (Kusak, unpublished). Various parts of the world are inhabited by wolves of a colour varying from white, through light-brown and reddish to grey and black (Mech, 1970).